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Top Movie Inspired Video Games

Top Movie Inspired Video Games

Movies are big business and always have been. But now it’s an, even more, revenue driven business than ever before. Studios want you to watch their latest blockbuster, of course, but they also want you to buy the DVD, wear the t-shirt and drink your coffee from the mug bearing its name. With few realistic ways to monetize the product of their film remaining, new avenues need to be explored in order to bring in more revenue. Video game versions of films were shown one of these avenues and it proved that sometimes the brand can be bigger than the film and provide a diverse and immersive experience for fans. Some crossovers and tie-ins fell flat, but others were a roaring success. For pc games based on movies, you need to spend less on advertising and you can earn more money than from movies. This is the pick of the best.

Spiderman 2

The whole series of Spiderman movies certainly could be said to have had its peaks and troughs, with many admitting they were a bit of a car crash. Spiderman 2 remains the only film in the series that was universally considered to be a triumph. The video game versions went the same way, proving that you can’t make a good game from a bad film, with the exception of Spiderman 2. The game is jammed full of exciting missions and side missions allowing the player to take Spiderman around all of New York in his quest for justice.


We’re talking about the original, classic 80s films here rather than the recent reboot which really divided moviegoers’ opinions. This game from 2009 was a movie buff and gamer’s wet dream all rolled into one. Why? The characters were all actually voiced by the actors who played them in the films as well as the fact that actor and writer of the movies, Harold Ramis, wrote huge parts of the story for the game, giving it an authenticity that other games often lack. This multi-platform game is set shortly after Ghostbusters 2 and is loved by 80s kids.

Fast and Furious

Love it or hate it, the Fast and Furious is a movie franchise that can’t be ignored or avoided. Everyone has heard of it whether they’d ever watch one of the films or not. So now it was possible to play Vin Diesel’s character or one of his chums in this game full of car chases and explosions which could rival the likes of Grand Theft Auto in terms of action and excitement.


Perhaps not the first film you’d think of that could benefit from a video game adaptation, but never underestimate the power and draw of Disney. Kids love Disney and have done for many years. In fact, anyone who watched Disney films as a kid probably still loves them too. Disney has a knack of making hit after hit for the big screen, so it made sense that they’d step into the video game world too. Disney actually used their animators to work on this game which was visually well ahead of the game when it was released in 1993.


“Ah, Mr. Bond. I’ve been expecting you.” Who doesn’t love a James Bond film? There’s plenty of action, romance, adventure, intrigue, suspense, you name it. The films have something for everyone and are one of the most successful and long running franchises of all time. Peculiarly while people might not have rated Pierce Brosnan as Bond, the game of the same name proved different. It was actually much more popular than the film version mostly due to the fact that it capitalized on the beginning of the popularity of online game playing.

Dune 2

While many developers take the name or concept of a film and then create a game that remains completely faithful to it, this game did something unexpected and ran in a completely different direction. It’s so loosely based on the plot of the films and books that it might be unrecognizable were it not for the presence of Arakis and Shai Hulud.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Strange movie, even stranger game. The King of Pop was a brand unlike any other singer and while a celebrity name attached to a game would always boost sales, copies of this game practically walked off the shelves. A platform game involving dancing to save children? Surely one of the oddest concepts ever, but those who made a lot of money from it certainly won’t be complaining.


It was way back in 1982 that Bruce Boxleitner starred in this futuristic computer game-based epic. There was a heavily addictive arcade version not long afterward which saw kids queuing up to feed their pocket money into the arcade machines. These machines made much more than the film. If home gaming had been big in 1982 it would surely have made a fortune there too. It remains one of the most successful coin-operated movie-based games of all time.

Jurassic Park

There has been no shortage of games based around all of the films in this series, most of them quite horrific. The one exception was the one Sega produced door the Mega Drive in the 90s. It was one of the first games that gave passwords for progress so you didn’t have to start again from the very beginning when you died. Not the greatest game ever, but incredibly groundbreaking for this reason.

Star Wars

No surprise that the biggest movie franchise ever should have a string of successful games attached to it. George Lucas had the vision in the early 80s to create the first one. Ever since the release of the first movie the Star Wars name could have been put on literally anything and been a success, but sci-fi fans and gamers alike have always loved Star Wars video games. The original game employed the best technology had to offer at a time when gaming wasn’t big business and still stands up well today. It was so much more than Lucas squeezing more revenue from a finely tuned franchise machine.