Nest Camera: Full Review

Nest Camera: Full Review

Security is becoming more and more important to all of us. If you are concerned about your home being kept secure or maybe you want to keep an eye on your baby or even spy on your teenage kids to see what they get up to then there’s something you need. A Nest Cam.

Nest Cam features

The Nest Cam is a great way to monitor your home and it connects to the Nest smart home ecosystem. The camera has a great resolution and can be controlled remotely easily. In order to use it properly you will need a subscription to Nest Aware and all you need otherwise is a decent internet connection.

It is an easy camera to set up, the instructions being very clear and concise. Set up and configuration only takes a few minutes and you’ll be good to go before you know it.

The camera is stylish and can be put into or taken out of its housing cradle very easily. The cradle enables the Nest Cam to be tilted through a 180 degree range and the camera itself has a 130 degree field of vision, so combined most rooms can easily be covered 100% by the camera.

The Nest Cam can record in up to 1080p, but it will default to 720p in order to save your bandwidth use as it requires less then half the KB/s to stream it.

It’s not necessary to have the Net Cam stream 24/7 and it can be set up to alert you when it detects any movement or noise. It also has a built in speaker making it two-way which is ideally for talking to your family or even your pets when you aren’t at home. The camera can be programmed so it isn’t active when you’re at home for example.

Nest have other products which work well in conjunction with the Nest Cam depending on your needs. It’s not essential to use any of them with this camera, but there is a thermostat which can detect when you’re at home so you don’t need to switch the camera off or on. Leaving the camera on 24/7 will see you receive a lot of status notifications which could become annoying after a while.

Nest Aware

In order to use your Nest Cam there are costs above and beyond the purchasing of the camera itself. You will need to subscribe to Nest Aware to use it effectively and this costs £8 every month.

Nest Aware is a great tool though and it gives you a back up of the last 10 days of video in cloud storage, the ability to save and create clips and it improves the motion detection too.

It is possible to use your Nest Cam without Nest Aware, but then you will only have a live stream and notifications, no ability to go back and check. This is especially bad if you are broken into as it would leave you with zero footage of the burglars.

With Nest Aware somebody could steal your camera. But they couldn’t steal its footage and if security is your main concern – and it will be if you are buying a Nest Cam – then you absolutely must have the subscription.

Annual subscriptions are cheaper than 12 individual monthly payments and for an extra cost you can add more cameras to your system too. It can end up being quite costly, but nobody ever said peace of mind comes cheaply.

Pros and cons

There are more positives than negatives with a Nest Cam.

It’s not just about the quality of recording and the 130 degree coverage. They are great qualities to have in a camera, but there’s more. For instance it doesn’t react to the motion of shadows or trees moving in the wind like some cameras will. It has a great night vision mode too with very good video resolution and it’s easy to control using an app.

The downsides are the number of notifications you receive and the heavy reliance on a constant good internet connection.

Taking everything into account though, if you want to feel safer in your home or you want to monitor someone or something then the Nest Cam is absolutely the camera you need to buy.